MedGas Safe Client Portal Coming in January 2020

FS Medical Technology’s (FSMT) new Client Portal provides instant transparency to clients providing on-demand monitoring of medical gas projects in near real time.  Clients can add new work requests even outside of business hours.


Our Client Portal, available 24x7, makes use of a cloud based resource allowing clients to keep track of service activities that matter the most.  Built out of a web-based knowledge base, the MedGas Safe portal provides exceptional Client service access.


We know that many medical gas Clients want the ability to research medical gas topics from smart-phones, laptops, tablets, etc. – that’s why the MedGas Safe Client Portal includes a knowledge database allowing topic searches.


Our high-performance service team collects equipment history data which is available through the Client Portal.  Keeping abreast of changing equipment operations parameters allows us to provide a service organization which stands apart from others in the field.  We answer the demands of modern clients who wish to access self-help and client portals.


The MedGas Safe Client Portal allows:


1. Tracking of projects and work orders.

2. Review of invoices and purchase orders.

3. Overview of equipment performance.

4. Scheduling job requests.

5. Knowledge base searches.

6. Interact with FSMT staff – ask a question, make a suggestion, talk with a pro.

7. Research FAQs.


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